First game-jam submission

I was reviewing some entries to the #CommunityGameJam and I was struck with an idea of a recursive breakout-a-like.

You're using the ball to smash a representation of your own paddle, and the debris that falls off draws a message that shows the game is a liar - there is no way to break out, the more you succeed the more you lose.

In the end, the inevitable.

Still, if you get that last block, that's quite an achievement, and if you dot the "i"... that's even more.

What do people think about this idea? Where else could it be introduced in games?

Check out

Have fun!


Debris - MAC 19 MB
Aug 27, 2019
Debris - Linux 20 MB
Aug 27, 2019
Debris - Windows 20 MB
Aug 27, 2019

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