Launch mania...

This is just a quick post to capture what's going on in the office right now...

We're in the process of "soft launching" our franchise, ultimately it's a finely tuned esport-esque FPS with time manipulation mechanics, something we've been working on for a very (very) long time.

But this isn't about that, it's about the steps we had to take to get here:

How do you launch a game?

We've chosen to launch our demake of our own game, an idea that came about as we evolved the design and wanted to create a version that we could ship, and focus our efforts more on the whole game.

Even then, we've turned to walking before we can run, releasing a local multiplayer version. This is the idea, demaking your own ideas and building up your audience and rolling them into your bigger franchise idea, that game you have in your mind when you close your eyes, that world you've created.

... that's us.

If you're looking at the impossible, to launch this large franchise you have in your mind, try this. Take a step back, set your sights to a first step, reach out, start making mistakes and learning from them, so you will be prepared and well versed when you are ready for your magnum opus.

Try a soft-launch, try a demake - give yourself room to grow and fail.

Mania... how to manage the roll-out?

We're not experts, we've kept bullet lists of accounts, links, cross links, email lists, social media lists... trying to get every duck in a row. At some point you just have the bite the bullet and go live, and keep updating and plugging along - taking a first step - that's the important thing. Without that first step you'll be stuck looking up at your dreams forever.

There's no "use this tool", "use this site". Just use checkboxes and give yourself the knowledge that however much you plan, nothing will beat getting it out there and working each day to make it better.

This is our first step... some of you know this feeling, some of you wonder about making that jump from your corporate developer jobs to the job you've always dreamed of... well this is ours, join us in hoping it goes well!

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